WordPress – Everything You Need To Know To Set Up Your Own Website

In this article, I’ll show you “WordPress – Everything You Need To Know To Set Up Your Own Website”. The WordPress Websites are fast, efficient, SEO friendly, secure and above all its easy to set up.

Since its establishment in 2003, WordPress has been a stable platform for millions of sites around the world. Clothing store owners, computer technicians, electricians, doctors or lawyers are just some of the business owners who use this platform.

Anyone who chooses to build a site using the WordPress system enjoys significant savings in time and effective promotion of the site. So, if you’re interested in building your site. But you’re not sure which platform to do , WordPress is a professional platform to explore in depth.

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Benefits of WordPress site?

WordPress - Everything You Need To Know To Set Up Your Own Website

Building a WordPress site is an act of kindness to your site. Beyond being a user-friendly system, WordPress has several notable advantages:

> Full Control of the Site

WordPress allows you to build your site according to your marketing needs. Unlike other closed-source content systems that depend on their vendors. WordPress works in an open source format, so you can program your site as you wish.

> Templates/Themes of WordPress

WordPress offers you a wide variety of templates, including responsive (mobile-optimized) templates . Because nowadays there is hardly anyone who does not use his cell phone to find the services you want. A repetitive template is essential for any website.

The popular WordPress theme is “kehuna” which is suitable for Pakistani sites because of its support for right-to-left languages. The template is supported by various types of sites. Like from landing pages to complex sites, enabling search engine optimization and social networking links. Moreover, there are models adapted to professionals. Thus, the Lawyer template is designed for lawyers’ websites and offers homepages in 5 different versions.

> Effective Organic SEO

The WordPress system is very effective in terms of organic promotion . It is optimized for Google’s search engine. And enables optimization with advanced plugins. For example, the Yoast SEO plug-in is one of the most popular SEO plugins.

This plugin allows you to do things like

  • Embedding the webmaster code into the Google search engine
  • Matching an article or article to the search engine
  • Improving the article visually. (Before publishing on the site)

Another effective plugin is OptinMonster that is suitable for lead recruitment. The extension helps create a landing page or windows that display registration forms so that users can leave contact information. OptinMonster is optimized for mobile. You can schedule the appearance of the forms according to the length of time the surfer is on the site.

In WordPress All Options are Available

The WordPress platform allows you to build different types of sites. And it is important to know how to customize the extensions and templates to the site you want. Here we’ll mention the more common types of sites.

> Virtual/Online Store

A virtual store can significantly increase the business owner’s revenue. As it provides a convenient and fast purchasing platform for surfers from anywhere and anytime. When building a virtual store using WordPress, it is important to remember to install a significant free plugin – WooCommerce. This is actually an add-on to the WordPress system. Through which you can sell a wide range of physical and digital products, offer surfers different variations of one product or download products quickly. If you want to expand your activities, you can pay for a premium version of WooCommerce and offer customers subscribers or friendships in the club.

> Corporate Website

The image site – As its name implies. It is designed to create a good name for the company or start up business. Such a site generally presents the company’s benefits, leading products and services, and ways to connect. There are various extensions that help make the site more efficient.

One of them is the WP Rocket plugin. It is designed to improve the site’s loading speed. This achieves two important goals. One is to improve the user experience which in turn takes advantage of a fast site and thus stays longer. The second goal is accumulating points with Google. Google customarily ranks quality sites in the first few places, and loading speed is one of the most important parameters it considers.

> Content Portal

A website that is defined as a portal is actually a portal that directs the surfer/user to various business owners. For example, a study portal provides information about colleges and universities throughout the country, while a portal for professionals can concentrate for business owners such as plumbers and electricians.

In a portal that combines a lot of information, developers will want to upload many photos to improve their browsing experience and attract the customer’s eye. The point is that multiple images can make the site load and eventually lead to abandonment. To help the site builders comes the WP Smash Pro plugin that shrinks the images and makes it easier to load the site.

> Mobile-Optimized Site

Mobile responsiveness can be critical for any site, because a mobile-optimized site is accessible to all smartphones and iPhones. WordPress offers a wide range of responsive templates that automatically detect mobile browsing and match the site to the small screen. Among the different templates you can specify Sparkling, Dazzling or Shopkeeper.

> Security Above All

Needless to say, when building a site in WordPress it is important to place a strong emphasis on security , otherwise dropping the site or hacking to its database may be only a matter of time. You can protect you site by taking precautions. Such as choosing a recognized and professional hosting company, setting strong passwords for users, and perpetually backing up the site so that it can be restored in case of hacking.

Beyond that, WordPress offers security enhancements that help protect your site. The most common of these is Wordfence Security. A firewall enable this extension. It can detect and alert suspicious activity on the site. Wordfence Security also scans files, templates, and other plugins and allows the administrator to block users.

You are following guide “WordPress – Everything You Need To Know To Set Up Your Own Website“. Please do share your ideas about this article in the comment box below.

Build a WordPress site – Remember that you are not alone

With all the knowledge you need to purchase before starting to build a WordPress site , remember that there are those who can assist you at every stage. The WordPress community will happy to assist you. Even if you get slightly confuse with HTML code or are unable to match the resolution of the web pages to the iPhone. In the WordPress forum you will find answers to many questions.

In addition, if you do not have time to build a WordPress website, you can contact professionals to do it for you. I’m also a WordPress Developer. To create a website, you can contact me by Contact Page of this site.


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