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Windows New Terminal Available in Store

After a long time, Windows Terminal 1.0 Available in Store. Now, the black old screen based terminal going to be new look and interface. Definitely some added functionality.

During Build 2019, Microsoft announced a new command console for Windows. Thus, the company left behind a long time with System symbol or PowerShell (which do not disappear) to make way for one of the most applauded novelties by developers, the new Windows Terminal .

From it, with a single window, you could access the rest of Windows consoles and the Windows subsystem for Linux. Its new version is available in Windows 10 for Insiders.

As we know from The Verge, the developers have been able to compile the Windows Terminal thanks to the code available on GitHub (it must be remembered that this is an open source project ). But the company has also taken it to the Windows 10 Store, from where you can already download a preview. But if you have system version 18362.0 or higher ( May 2019 Update or above).

Windows Terminal 1.0 Will Arrive in Winter

Windows Terminal 1.0 Available in Store
New Windows Terminal Icon Introduced by Microsoft

Microsoft works continuously to continue adding functionality to the Windows Terminal. And has confirmed that for the first stable version will have to wait until the winter , without providing a specific date.

The version that can be downloaded already includes the possibility of having several tabs of different terminals at the same time. Besides allowing to open different profiles with shortcuts to System symbol, PowerShell, PowerShell 6, Ubuntu (WSL 2), Debian and OpenSUSE.

Windows Terminal 1.0 Available in Store

Windows Terminal also allows you to change the background image for each profile used. Which will help to better distinguish some environments from others. As well as allowing users and developers to adapt the experience more to their tastes . At the moment the change is only possible by editing a JSON file with values ​​such as opacity. But in the future a more friendly option will be offered. More information | Microsoft


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