Where to Start the Way to Health

We all know or have heard somewhere that only a healthy diet will give us the desired result for weight loss. That chips, soda, and other harmful foods bring damage to our bodies. But each time we put off until later (tomorrow) the beginning of our healthy diet. Yes, and not particularly well imagine what foods are good for health and fitness. I’m going to show you “Where to Start the Way to Health”.

First of all, all nutritionists advise counting calories eaten, if you want to reduce weight you need to eat less than you spend’calories. But even if you are interested in counting calories eaten, anyway it will quickly get bored. Therefore, it is best to start with the rejection of harmful foods over time: carbonated drinks, snacks, confectionery, and sugar. And to introduce healthy foods into your diet, and it’s never too late to start the first steps to a healthy lifestyle. The main thing is to eat more often (4-5 times a day) and in small portions. You need to understand that it is better to lose weight gradually, therefore, having established proper nutrition, do not expect instant results. They will come, but not fast. We must be patient and determined not to break. Moreover, if you really wanted something, then very rarely you can afford a little forbidden fruit. But only a little.

In modern, constantly running somewhere, the world, it is very difficult to keep track of your diet so that it is healthy. But let’s think about the fact that it is not always necessary to stand idle behind the stove in the kitchen for hours to get a healthy and tasty dish. After all, there are products that contain all the trace elements necessary for our body and the time of their preparation is insignificant. Not everyone likes long cooking and cleaning after. Not everyone should become an excellent cook in order to cook a tasty and healthy meal. Let’s look at an example of a simple diet.

Useful products and dishes from them that can be quickly and easily prepared:

Where to Start the Way to Health
  1. Oatmeal will saturate the body with a charge of energy and energy for the whole morning. And if you take instant flakes, then porridge will take 5 minutes of your time. Of course, it is better to boil it on the water without milk and sugar, but if you dilute the water and milk in half, and instead of sugar add little dried apricots, raisins or a spoonful of honey, it will not bring much harm.
  2. Eggs or omelets are a good source of nutritious protein. You can simply boil or fry the eggs with tomatoes, broccoli, avocado, and cauliflower. Omelet of two eggs and half a glass of milk can be baked in the oven or stewed a little faster in a pan. And from above do not forget to sprinkle with herbs (dill, parsley, green onions, everyone to his taste) to give a pleasant aroma.
  3. Cottage cheese is useful only when it does not contain pure sugar. To replace sugar, cottage cheese can be eaten with any fresh or dried fruit. The cottage cheese contains calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which contribute to the prevention of liver diseases and atherosclerosis.
  4. A vegetable salad consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, lettuce, and herbs, seasoned with a tablespoon of vegetable oil will be an excellent dietary snack, especially in the summer, when vegetables and herbs are especially fresh.
  5. Smoothies are mainly a summer drink that can be prepared using a blender made from fresh vegetables and fruits. Such a drink is a great success for those people who want to quickly and profitably saturate their bodies with healthy and low-calorie foods that will allow them to stay full for a long time. There are a lot of dietary recipes for making smoothies, you yourself can combine the vegetables that you like best. Let’s try the following smoothie recipe:
    • 1 tomato,
    • 1 small carrot,
    • peel half the beets, you can add one stalk of celery or a handful of spinach, another handful of parsley and dill, add a little lemon juice. You can also add ginger (the size of your thumb), but this is how someone likes it. We mix everything with a blender and voila, our drink is ready. It turns out a great and tasty mixture that will recharge you for a long time and at the same time, it has a minimum of calories.
  6. Apples, bananas, and berries can be a good help in the form of a snack between the main meals. Apples are good to eat directly with the peel, but before that, thoroughly washing. Banana, well, it’s not that very low-calorie, but one a day for a snack will do no harm, but at the same time, it will give satiety.
  7. Broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts will make an excellent trio when baked in the oven for 15 minutes. Seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, a few slices of garlic and half a chopped onion will make the dish not only healthy but also very light.
  8. Green asparagus has a number of useful properties – it has a tonic and cleansing effect on the body, removes toxins. It improves blood circulation, increases vitality. In this case, the product per 100 grams only 20 kcal. It can be prepared very simply by washing and frying in a pan with or without olive oil. You can also chop raw asparagus into a vegetable salad. It can serve as a good side dish for low-fat chicken breast.
  9. Chicken breast is a good product for weight loss, it will saturate the body with the desired protein while it has few calories. One trouble is that it is dry and tasteless. But if you pick up spices for it and cook it correctly, then the chicken meat will turn out to be juicy and aromatic. You will not only benefit from the food but also enjoy a wonderful dinner. Here is a recipe that will make the chicken breast interesting and unusual:
    • take 2pcs chicken breasts;
    • 1 hour a spoonful of cinnamon;
    • 1 pinch of nutmeg, cucumber, and red pepper;
    • 1 tbsp oils; 1 tablespoon Lemon salt, pepper to taste. Breast mode in 2 parts, put them in a bowl and send all the above spices to the chicken, before mixing them in advance with lemon juice and oil. Let stand for 20 minutes and simmer right in this marinade for about 15 minutes. The dish is ready.
  10. Fish is a product that is very beneficial for our body. Fish contains fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6), these acids are part of the brain cells and are the building material for cell membranes. Omega 6 reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, minimizes the risk of developing atherosclerosis, which has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the circulatory and cardiovascular system. Phosphorus contained in fish very well affects the functioning of our nervous system, removes lethargy and increases its performance. Studies have shown that people who constantly eat fish suffer less from various ailments, their health is better and they are long-livers. At the same time, fish is a low-calorie product and there are a large number of different dietary dishes. When the question arises, is it better to eat oily fish or not, it is better to limit the intake of oily fish to comply with the diet. Although many nutritionists advise, if you really wanted to be fat, eat it a little less. Let’s look at one of the fish dishes that can be quickly and profitably prepared for our body – fish with vegetables in the oven or steamed (in a double boiler or in a saucepan). Any fish can be prepared in this way: we take crucian carp or sea bass, or mullet, sweet pepper, carrots, lemon juice and lemon slices, herbs, salt, pepper. If you cook in the oven, you can put everything in a bowl, cover with foil or put in baking bags. If steamed, put fish on vegetables, season with spices, herbs, and lemon, cook for 15-20 minutes.
  11. Dietitians are usually advised to consume milk and sour-milk products not fatty. The usefulness of kefir for the gastrointestinal tract is not replaceable, because if there are digestive problems, then extra pounds can build up on the body because of this. Kefir improves the intestinal flora and if you drink it at night, it strengthens sleep. At the same time, kefir is useful throughout the day.
  12. Drink water and other drinks (preferably in the form of green tea) 30 minutes before meals. Green tea can also be drunk an hour or a half after the main meal. When dieting, water is very important to you. Sometimes thirst and hunger can be confused, so it is important to drink water more often throughout the day.

What can help Other Than Diet

Where to Start the Way to Health

You need to understand that the diet should not last forever, your body should fully receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Therefore, after following a diet, it is important to approach your diet, a little more discriminating, and just eat more often and in small portions. If you continue to eat the right food, then you will not lose shape, and the body will continue to remain in good shape. It is extremely important to realize that all the previously gained kilograms did not stick due to food consumption, obesity is only a consequence of gluttony and laziness, which sometimes lead to irreversible consequences and various diseases.

In addition to moderate consumption of food, you need more energy than you consumed it for weight loss, and keep a balance to maintain results. Do not forget to play sports (walking, jogging, abs and many others), because only an active lifestyle and proper nutrition, which can also be quick to prepare, will give confidence in your strength and ease in a healthy body.

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