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Turn Hobby into Income – Start Blogging

Your hobby can turn into income – start writing your own blog

Turn Hobby into Income - Start Blogging

Yes, you heard right! In an age of the Internet, even a hobby, even the simplest one, can make quite a bit of income. The large number of people and the simplicity of reaching them allows many people to take advantage of the benefits of the Internet and come out with their hands up. And as far as blogging is concerned, it’s even simpler than you thought. But before we explain how to do it, let’s learn what a blog is all about.

You’re following article “Turn Hobby into Income – Start Blogging”.

What is a blog?

A blog is your website, a kind of web diary, where you share your thoughts and thoughts with your readers. These can be completely personal blogs, where you will write your opinions, your thoughts and even your agenda in an interesting way, and on the other hand, the blog can deal with certain topics that can interest the reader. For example: a blog about fitness and nutrition, a blog about makeup and grooming, a blog about reality shows and celebrity news, and even a blog about animals. You can write testimonials, ideas, innovations, and more … It is worth noting that quite a few Internet entities have started blogging, and some have become influential and influential public figures, no less than the media. A random example of this is blogger Ashley Waxman-Bakshi, who began as a makeup blogger – gave makeup tips, photographed herself as makeup artist, recommended products.

Why start blogging?

Beyond the fact that writing is fun and liberating, and that you have the opportunity to influence readers, you can make money from it. In the early stages, it can generate several hundred dollars a month, and later, and after you generate traffic and people who come to your blog, income could be boost to thousands of dollars a month. If you are good at something, you can take advantage of blogging as a springboard, and earn a lot more than that.

Let’s talk about it – how do you make money writing a blog?

To make money from a blog, first select an interesting topic that people are looking for information, or a domain that appeals to a large audience. For example, if you target women aged from 12 and over, and almost every woman will search Google for eye makeup or a special mask for nourishing hair, while nutrition and fitness address a decent number of users of both sexes (Male & Female), Exercises that improve the stomach and even a special weight loss drug. Not only these, also blogs that offer nothing but writing their opinions on all sorts of changing topics make a lot of money. Now, how does it happen?


Google, the world’s largest search engine, allows you to paste various advertisements on your blog / site, and you can paste advertisements that relate to the content of the site. If, for example, your blog is about fitness and nutrition, Google will allow Advertisers to paste an advertisement into a blog that offers, for example, a cheap exercise device or natural weight loss pills. It’s highly likely that those readers on your blog will click on the ad. 

You will get money directly from Google if someone clicks on ads (Even you get money by only viewing ads to your users). If your blog deals with tourism, travel routes around the world and recommendations for sites and attractions, you can paste on your website a cheap airline advertisement or travel suitcase. The more the ad is targeted at the blog readers, the more likely they will click on it. And as we said, for every click of a reader on an ad on the site, Google will pay you money.

You’re following article “Turn Hobby into Income – Start Blogging”.

So easy to make money by writing a blog!

Affiliate Programs

As your blog picks up, so many companies will be interested in publishing what they have to offer, and will pay you to recommend them. It can be in an uninvited way, where you search for marketing products (enough to type in Google “affiliate marketing products” to find thousands of products that just wait for someone to publish them for a fee), advertise them on your site and earn from each purchase, Business / importer, who will ask you to publish it. 

For example, if your blog is in the finance field, you can write a column / article on economic saving and proper economic conduct, and at the end of the article publish a recommendation about a therapist in this field, which helps families get out of debt and know how to manage financially. Once a reader clicks on the link and contacts the recommended therapist, you will receive money according to what was agreed upon, or the publication of the therapist’s business will suffice to pay you a handsome amount. Another option, is the advertising of products of companies. 

For example, you can write an article about makeup methods, Including pictures. And then recommend an excellent product that lengthens the lashes miraculously, and put a link that directs the reader to buy that product from the company’s website. Collaborations on your blog are one of the most attractive tools. There are companies that will pay you thousands of dollars in exchange for publishing them.

Influence on Public Opinion –

There are companies and even famous people, who will be happy to pay you money once you prove your writing ability. If you decide to write opinions and ideas on changing topics. You will be offered an opportunity to publish columns / articles on Facebook. For example, for large pages such as YNET and for pages of famous personalities and members. In addition, once the blog is published and you will become interesting person, the offers do not stop flowing.

Learn how to make money from your hobby

These are just some of the methods by which people make money through the blog. The beauty is that today, in the age of the Internet, you do not have to start a business with an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s enough to take some time, come up with an initiative idea, and make it big finally start earning.


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