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Time Management: Most Important Principle to Increase Personal Effectiveness

It’s hard to be a student and combine work and study. Do you also drown in the sea of Goals ?? and Never have time? In this article I will present the most important principle of time management, which will give you direction for long-term change.

Time management is one of the hottest topics in self-help that has been written about hundreds of books. After my experience and research, I came to the conclusion that learning can not be streamlined without making life more efficient. If a student lives under constant stress and chronically “does not have time” to learn. Then learning strategies are worthless.

The Most Important Thing in Time Management: “Decide What Not to Do”

Usually, when you talk about how effective you are, you do more in less time. But, more than what is important to streamline what we do, it is even more important to decide what not to do. Many students live under atomic pressure because they are burdening their lives with too many things: study, entertainment, work, a side project, debates on Facebook and an attempt to lose weight. It is often thought that all activities should fill 150% or 200% of a normal person’s diet. In such a situation, it is no wonder that life seems like a frustrating and endless race.

Although there are more streamlining devices than ever before, we are more time-consuming, exhausted and tense, because we are dealing with too many things. You can double your free time by stopping doing things. The idea is very simple, just as it sounds: give up certain things you do today, and you’ll have a lot more time right now.

As Rory Weiden says, who wrote the book ” procrastinate on purpose”. If you want more time, the first step is to make a brave decision about what you’re going to stop doing, once you stop spending time on unimportant activities, you’ll have a lot of time for what really matters to you. Social Media, Studies, Entertainment, and anything else, the vast variety of possibilities makes us overload ourselves with goals and activities, and then we look for time management methods, we do not need more time, we just have to understand what is really important and what is not.

Set Priorities

Once you have decided not to do more, it is time to set priorities in your life. This is not a “to do list” for today or a week, but a strategic policy for your life. Think that your life is a limited company and you are the company’s CEO. Your job as CEO is first of all to set priorities for society and decide on general policy, do it in your own life: set priorities and follow them, and you should decide on three or four topics that you want to focus on. Those three or four topics ranked in order of priorities, and you have a general policy in your life.

Now I will demonstrate how to combine the two ideas I mentioned – to decide what not to do, and to prioritize what you have decided to do. Let’s assume that this is your list of occupations, goals and desires for the near future:

  • Job / Work
  • Learn
  • Spend
  • Lose Weight / Gym
  • Participate in a Yoga Group
  • Social Media
  • Morning Walk
  • Learn English
  • Spending time with the family
  • To be active in the Studies

From this hypothetical list, choose a few topics to focus on, and significantly reduce or give up all the rest. Of course, study and work will be on every list, but what else? You can not learn yoga, learn English and also work for peace – you have to give up some, and significantly reduce others.

What is the list’s priority? What is more important to you – study or work? Learn English or Yoga? Set your priorities with a clear decision on ranking from the most important to think less. These decisions are very important, so that the order of priorities you determine will direct your life. The priorities will be the compass that will guide your daily life. When you decide on an agenda – your priorities will light your way. When you are asked whether this is the right thing to do, the priorities will answer. Any questions about time management will be decided upon.

Of course, your priorities will not be forever, but for the foreseeable future. Periodically stop and re-examine your priorities and, if necessary, change it.

If so, decide on priorities in life that will determine your time division. You can not do this unless you make a brave decision what you stop doing . Setting priorities is not easy, and strong will is required to make good decisions. Once you do it right, your effectiveness will increase dramatically and definitely.

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