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[Giveaway] Seed4.Me VPN One Year License | Get Free License

Friends, Today I am going to reveal a Promo Code. And show you How to get “ VPN One Year License | Get Free License” and enjoy vpn for the whole year without spending any single penny.

Method & Promo Code

Go to 
Link: and use
Promo code: OCTSD1YEAR 
to get 1 year free VPN license. Done!

This was the simplest method just you need to create an account on the site. Then during registration enter promo code. That’s it. Now, enjoy the VPN License for the whole year. But remeber its limited time offer so hurry up before it ends.

What is VPN and its Benefits?

[Giveaway] Seed4.Me VPN One Year License | Get Free License

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It provides a secure tunnel or way for you over your network to use or surf internet privately. In this way, you can hide your ip or existence from the internet service providers ISP’s. And no one can track you.

You can also explore those sites which are banned in certain areas. Another benefit is you can create accounts on sites which only allow the members of certain area like US only. Then you can easily use VPN and connect with VPN selecting USA Country. Then surf anonymously.

In this VPN Software you will get multiple Countries Access/Options. Specially United States, Australia, China, UK and many other countries. It provides multiple countries option that’s why its best.


I have shared in this article “[Giveaway] Seed4.Me VPN One Year License | Get Free License”. Now its up to you how you get benefit from this. Enjoy this VPN and share your views about this. But hurry up because its limited time offer not forever.

If you have any kind of problems or just want to share your ideas then please do comment in the comment box below.

Thank You 🙂


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