New Year’s Resolutions for the Small Business Owner

Small business owners often create new year’s resolutions for themselves, which are purely about business. This is obviously good for business success, but ideally, everyone should take a more holistic approach.

In 2020, we should all set aside time every week, to improve our mental and physical health. This is even more important for small business owners and large company executives – the downtime is equally as important for you as the uptime when you are most productive.

So with all of that in mind, here’s my favourite five methods to undertake in 2020 and in the years ahead.

Five New Year’s resolutions for the small Business Owner

Take up baking

Spending time in the kitchen making oatmeal cookies, muffins or a loaf of sourdough bread can be a satisfying and relaxing experience. It takes you mind off the everyday stress of the office, and gets you using your hands and mind in an entirely different way (unless you are a baker during the week, of course).

There are a million different recipe websites on the internet. Find out that works for you, and try a few different baking recipes. Before you know it, you’ll be talk of the street, and your neighbours will look forward to smelling that yummy baking.

Try an art or craft class

Have you ever dreamt of being able to draw well, or stitch fabrics to make clothing or a patchwork quilt? Maybe you should consider finding an art or craft class nearby to your office or home, that will help you take your mind off the day to day stresses of running your own business.

There are a multitude of interesting crafts and arts you can learn, and just about every city and town have a few classes on offer. Search on the internet or ask your friends what they have previously done, for suggestions.

Start running with a friend

Gyms are great, but with their monthly fees, they can be expensive. Running or walking, on the other hand, is an entirely free activity, outside of the cost of sneakers and a water bottle.

Why not make it even social, and plan a time to go for a run with a friend? Walking and running have a great way of releasing endorphins, which helps clear your mind and gets you feeling happy. Hence why many people become addicts to running or that phrase ‘gym junkies’. It is that feeling of happiness and achievement that people crave.

Plant a vegetable garden

Growing your own vegetables is an amazing way of reconnecting with nature, in a way that is actually profitable and productive – it helps feed you and your family for less.

Maybe start with the simple vegetables that are mostly in season in your area, and then start to broaden your gardening skills, with other herbs and vegetables. If you have children, they enjoy getting their hands dirty and helping as well. There is something very special about eating food that you grew yourself too!

Try meditation

Meditation is becoming a very popular activity with executives and business owners the world over. There are plenty of resources such as classes and articles on why meditation can make you a better leader.

Try your hand at reading some articles or attend a few classes. You will be amazed at how your head will clear and you will feel more relaxed and motivated to take on that extra work.


Doing something away from work or your business is an important part of the balance of life. Manage your time effectively so you can get away from work for a few hours per week.

The above five ideas, again, are;

  • Take up baking
  • Try art and craft classes
  • Be social and fit by running with a friend
  • Plant a vegetable garden you can eat
  • Try meditation to relax

Give these a try and hopefully you find an activity that you can enjoy through 2020. Good luck and happy new year!


James Styles

James lives in Nebraska, and spends his days guest posting on a variety of blogs and sites. A fan of fishing and walking, he enjoys hikes when not writing.

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