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Learning Boring Courses | What to do when it’s boring?

In this article i’m going to show you some strategies of learning boring courses and how to learn smartly even those subjects which you do not like & also i’ll share 5 different methods to cope with boring subjects and also essential part which is motivation or spirit to do something. Lets start!

Motivation for learning is essential for academic success. However, in every field of study, we will have to swallow some frogs in the form of boring courses. Do you also have a boring subject to learn and your motivation to learn is zero? In this article I will present two simple questions that will help you relieve boredom.

One of the common problems of College or University students is the absolute pressure to study boring and exhausting courses as part of the compulsory requirements. In any curriculum – even the most interesting – will be interesting parts and boring parts.

During the school years, we occasionally face material that we have no motivation to learn. In our view, that is a total waste of time, and that causes us suffering. When we have to participate in a dry and arduous course. We find it very difficult to learn because of low motivation of learning. And when we are already learning something, we suffer. I, too, although I invested a lot of time to learn how to learn. It was often frustrated by depressing material I did not understand why to learn it at all, and I asked myself – “What do I need this **** for?”

Well, Motivation for learning is a huge topic on which countless articles have been written. Here are some methods to cope with boring subjects.

5 Different Methods to Cope with Boring Courses

  • Turn the difficulty into a game: organize the learning so that it has a “flow”. Flow theory is key to work satisfaction, and can be applied to make any boring activity satisfactory.
  • To find meaning: to seek and find meaning and importance for the boring subject
  • “Replace Pipe”: for the same topic find another source that shows it in an interesting way
  • Change the Learning Environment: Learn the boring stuff in a more pleasant environment
  • Add a personal tone to the curriculum, so that it will be more interesting.

Now I will present two simple questions that can greatly improve your coping with boredom and low motivation.

First question to increase motivation for learning: “What’s the use of it?”

Learning Boring Courses | What to do when it's boring?

When you fight with yourself to learn boring material, be egoistic and think what you will gain from this learning. Ask yourself a very simple question:

“What will I gain when I know this stuff?”

When you think in the direction of personal interest, and when you dedicate yourself to earning personal profits as a result of this learning, your motivation for learning will increase.


As part of my academic studies I had to study courses in Mathematics, most of which focused on training to solve mathematical exercises, rather than providing useful knowledge relevant to the real reality. I remember my frustration and inner war learning something I hated. I asked myself the question “What are the benefits that will come from me?” And I had a few answers.

First, I realized that the course still provides me with a good introduction to the world of Mathematics. And Mathematics are very important to civilian life.

Second, solving the exercises develops mathematical and thinking abilities, and it is useful.

Third, by coping with the internal war and learning something I do not like, I developed my self-discipline. Because, in life you do not just do what you love. I did what I could to maximize the benefits of the situation.

For You: when you have to learn a subject you hate, ask yourself, “In spite of everything, what will I gain from it?” Look for and define your personal benefits, and your motivation will increase immediately and definitely.

A second question to increase Motivation for Learning: “Still, What’s interesting about it?”

Different Methods to Cope with Boring Subjects

The second question of increasing motivation for learning boring courses is based on the understanding that there is no subject that is 100 percent boring. True, there are many boring subjects, but despite everything – even the most dry topic has interesting aspects. The problem is that we are not open to them.

Usually, we lock ourselves in the black-and-white pattern that “it’s terribly boring” and then our glasses are sealed to the interesting points. But really, if we come with open glasses and an attitude of opening up to another, we will see new things that we have not seen before. There is no subject that does not contain even small parts of interest.

Ask yourself openly: “What’s interesting about that?”


I’m sitting in front of my computer now typing, and asking myself “What’s interesting about it.” Within a few seconds I realize that something amazing is going on in front of me. I sit in my little apartment, and use sophisticated technologies and madness that I have no idea how they work – computer, screen, internet, keyboard, Website – to write a blog. When you think about it, it’s fascinating!

For everything asked, “What’s interesting about that?” We’ll find something. If we ask ourselves “what is interesting about statistics?” We will find interesting aspects: It is interesting to know who the geeks invented these formulas. Like, how interesting this formula is! How interesting it is to calculate the standard deviation of the size of the faulty screws in the factory!

Lets Sum Up!

In summary, I do not say that with these questions the bowl will turn over and suddenly everything will be fascinating and addictive. I do say that with these two simple questions you can increase the motivation to learn and make the material less boring, and even a little interesting. Successfully!

Please do share your ideas and thoughts about this article “Learning Boring Courses | What to do when it’s boring?” in comment section below! Also Share it with your friends who are tired of boring subjects and really need it!


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