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Your Attention and Concentration is the platform upon which learning develops. If you are able to concentrate well – you will learn easily; If you do not, you will suffer and have trouble learning. In the following article I will explain the importance of cultivating attentiveness, the difficulty of deep concentration in our time, and the way to preserve and improve it.

Attention and Concentration are Essential for Learning

Many factors influence the quality of learning, such as the level of intelligence, the degree and type of motivation to learn, your skill in methods of improving learning, and more. There is a central, less noticeable factor that has a decisive influence on the quality of learning: Attention , or in popular language – Concentration . Concentration is a necessary condition for learning, and when concentration is weak, it is very difficult to learn. This is why students now a days have so much difficulty in learning.

Psychologically, the terms attention and concentration are close in their meaning. In this article I will not discuss the differences between the concepts. It means simply: the ability to concentrate on learning for a significant period of time, at least 45 minutes, and ignore all other stimuli. When we learn, there are external stimuli around us , such as people chatting around us and wheezing, and internal stimuli such as wandering thoughts distracting us from learning, or a wild urge to re-enter the Internet. Despite these external and internal stimuli, we must focus the mind on matter and continue learning. The better we can do it, the better our learning ability will be.

Attention and Concentration – Tip 1:

How to Maintain Deep Concentration for a Long Time

Few people can concentrate on learning for several hours at a time. Most people are able to concentrate well for about half an hour and then experience a decrease in concentration. After an hour of learning, most of us will find it difficult to continue learning. The first secret to maintaining high concentration is not to learn too much time in a row. Take a break after each particular period of learning; Letting the concentration rest and reload, and then return to full concentration. The ability to concentrate varies from person to person, and you have to examine yourself: After a while, is my concentration so attenuated that I have difficulty learning? 30 minutes? 40 minutes? 50 minutes? Time? you know. Try yourself a few times and characterize your average concentration. Then, after such a period of learning, take a break. How much break? 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and even 20 minutes – which makes you feel right to air and recharge your concentration. As you learn, you have to do learning-break cycles a few times, so you can learn at high concentration for several hours.

It’s important to realize that it takes time to sink into deep concentration, at least a few minutes. Slowly we sink into the material and the mind becomes clear and focused on matter. When we interrupt for any reason it will take us a few minutes to sink again in deep attention and concentration.

Attention and Concentration – Tip 2:

Take care not to develop Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Maintaining our attention is critical at this time. Our attention and concentration abilities have weaken because of new technologies such as Facebook, Smartphone, Email, Whatsapp , and the Internet in general. The Internet and a host of new technologies are popularizing us with short, powerful vibrations, and there is a steady stream of new stimuli. Our minds are accustomed to having a short, powerful dose of stimuli, whether it’s Whatsapp messages, new posts on Facebook, new comments and comments to the content we’ve uploaded, news that’s constantly growing, and plenty of possibilities to “inject” We feel love it.

When we get used to it, our ability to concentrate for a long time on dry material is eroded. The attention and concentration of all of us is weakening.

And when we want to learn we find it hard to sink into deep concentration. Out of habit we jump in the middle of learning to get excitement on Facebook, smartphone, email or news. Moreover, because our brains are used to these emotions, it is hard for him to concentrate for a long time on dry matter, and we feel an urge to interrupt and get excited.

Avoid Distractions During Learning, and Cultivate Deep Concentration Over Time

Take care not to develop ADHD. At least when you are learning, focus solely on learning and avoid distractions. Teach yourself to concentrate on dry matter for a long time without any external irritation in the middle. Before learning, shut down your smartphone, close the Internet, and do not come in despite the urge. If you are learning online, read this article, which explains how to learn online and maintain concentration.

In the end, when you learn, you will only learn, and do not be tempted to distract. Let them pass you. Mute the phone. If you do not shut up – do not answer incoming calls, do not get into Whatsapp, do not keep up with the news and do not check the email. If you learn on a computer, do not access the Internet at all or the many tempting files on your computer. If you do this, slowly develop a strong and deep attention, and as a result your learning quality will increase dramatically.

This was basically Summary of Key Ideas in Cal Newport’s book “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Disturbed World”. In his book, Newport raises the problem of our day: the difficulty of immersing in deep concentration because of the abundance of distractions. Newport offers a variety of practical methods to perform “deep work” while dealing with the abundance of stimuli, and ways to train Attention and Concentration abilities.


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