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Computer Science – Jobs at the end of the degree

In this article I will try to answer your questions:
What jobs do you expect after graduate?
What employment options after graduation?
and of course high paid jobs options at the end.
Firstly, we’ll discuss the main factor because of which people elect any field!

Wages is the Big Factor

One of the reasons everyone wants to work in high-tech is because of the high salaries. It is known that high-tech earns quite a bit. Many young people who are debating which course of study to study are examining the issue of wages. There is no doubt that future wages are one of the important parameters to be examined.

Wages for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science vary from position to position, and we will review the possibilities in this article. In the end, apart from satisfying and fulfilling ourselves, we need a livelihood.

Therefore, wage considerations are a legitimate consideration that each of us must examine before starting the course of study that he has chosen.

Junior To Senior Positions

Firstly, at the end of a degree, you start working in junior positions – starting positions. In these positions, one of the important considerations of the candidate is to gain experience. The more time you work in a particular position, the more experience you will have.

The trial equation is simple: the more experience you have, the more you will earn.

A high-tech employee with experience of several years certainly can present his experience to potential employers and come up with his salary requirements.

Accordingly, many employers will meet the applicant’s requirements for evaluating their work experience.

High-tech salaries depend on the candidate’s years of experience.
When you think ahead and plan your career, think of experience as an important parameter in calculating your future salary.

Jobs Types

Programming, of course it’s a main field where experience also matters. A programmer with no experience will benefit less than a programmer with a year or two experience. Similarly, a programmer with 5 years of experience. (Who will probably be looking for, senior positions)

In what positions can you work in high-tech as a bachelor’s degree?
Certainly, people consider programming is only field they can elect after completing Computer Science degree. We will try to explain, Firstly how things really work. Secondly, what jobs are currently needed in high-tech. In addition, what are the different jobs you can work after graduation.

Note that high-tech is a branch, and in the hi-tech sector there are companies that develop technology. Every process of technology development requires a variety of professionals.


The “traditional” role is the programmer. He is responsible for coding – writing code.

The programmer receives programming tasks in programming languages ??that he knows – and he must complete his assignments in the specified deadline.

But if you’re not sure you want to be a programmer, do not worry.

There are many different roles you can engage in.

High-tech does not necessarily mean programming. A bachelor’s degree can work in a variety of jobs.

In other positions in high-tech companies – you can deal with equally interesting things, and earn no less than a programmer who has taught you the title.

High-tech companies are developing software, software development is a long and complex process, and requires a lot of professionals.
Throughout the development process high-tech companies are required to perform many complex tasks.

From the system characterization stage – at this stage, the system that you want to develop is characterized.

The system characterization process is a process that characterizes the system requirements.

The client is asked what his requirements are. What functionality it wants the system to contain.

Further to his request, they formulate functional and non-functional requirements for the system.

Those who are responsible for this process are the characteristics of the systems, you can look at the job sites and see how many characterization people are required today in the market.

After the requirements specification stage, we start working on the next step – characterizing the user interface.

The user interface is what the user sees. The user’s actions to operate the system are performed through the user interface.
The user, User Interface, is considered one of the hottest areas today.

This is because of the complexity of interface design. There are many considerations that a UI attribute must consider.

Where to place the buttons? What size should each button be?
What buttons to put on which screens?
How many screens will be in the system?
How many screens in each process and what will appear in them?

Elements that are taken into account are the main processes of the system, who use the system. That is, if the system users are adults, we will increase the buttons. Put on the buttons that are responsible for the main processes at the top of the screen.

User Experience

Another concept that almost always goes with a user interface is user experience. User Experience is also considered a very hot area today.
The difference between today’s applications and those of a decade ago is that today we emphasize user experience. Companies understand the user experience and invest a fortune in it.

The user experience enables users to perform processes in a convenient, simple manner that does not require much effort on their part. As user experience has improved in recent years, user requirements have also increased.

Today, if you enter a site developed 10 years ago, you probably will. The processes will be uncomfortable and cumbersome. Those responsible for these processes are UI / UX features. You can take a look at the job sites to see how hot this area is.
Software assurance or quality assurance – It is designed to test and debug the code which is already developed. After characterizing customer requirements, and after characterizing the user interface and user experience, programmers worked and developed the system. After the programmers have finished developing the system, we must check that the product developed meets the defined requirements.

QA Software Testing

Sometimes, in the software development process, bugs are created, To clarify Bugs are software errors that are created for various reasons. There are many reasons for the bugs. For instance poor planning, poor performance, inappropriate technologies, etc.

In the process of testing the software, QA tests are carried out in order to find the bugs and transfer them to the treatment, So The testing process can be done manually (manual QA) and can be done automatically (automatic QA).

Manual tests are performed by a person who tries to “challenge” the system and look for loopholes. These loopholes are endpoints that the programmer might have forgotten.

Automated testing is considered to be more advanced and is performed using automated tools such as Selenium .

The software testers are the software testers in the organization, So Each high-tech company employs software testers (or QA personnel) who specialize in performing these tests. There are so many testers needed today, to clarify you may visit job sites.

List of Jobs Options (Computer Science Degree)

  • Web Developer
  • QA Software Testing
  • Graphics Designer
  • Front end Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • OS Designer
  • IoT Expert
  • Freelancer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Lecturer
    and of course a lot of options are available, because the tech field will never going to be end. You just have to gain some skills at all. If you have skills then you have infinite opportunities!

Advice: Its really a good idea to visit jobs sites. It not only helps you to clarify & motivate you but also keeps you up to date with the current market trends!


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