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Huawei New OS: HongMeng, Compatible With All Android Applications

Latest News, Huawei HongMeng OS is the new Operating System which will be officially launched as Huawei OS. The Good News is it will be compatible with all android applications.

Unless there is a dramatic change, Huawei can no longer use Android as an operating system on its smartphones. Fortunately, according to reports, from 2012 onward’s, the company has begun developing its own alternative. Huawei Consumer Group Chief Executive Richard Yu has revealed some details about this project.

In order to avoid one of the biggest problems encountered by BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone and Tizen. The new Huawei operating system will support Android applications. Additionally, if developers recompile some files, the device performance will improve by 60%.

Probably, apps are available for download from the Play Store alternative , which the app is working on, App Gallery. Of course, even if everything works perfectly, the company will continue to face problems with US applications such as YouTube , Twitter , Instagram and WhatsApp .

According to Chinese media, the new operating system is currently called HongMeng OS rather than KirinOS, as they wanted earlier rumors. In addition, it is said that Huawei is already testing it in some parts of China.

Regarding the timetable, Richard Yu said the operating system could be ready in the fal. Thus indicating that Huawei Mate 30 Pro will run this new system rather than Android 10 Q as previously expected. In addition to smartphones and tablets, the new operating system will also be available on Huawei laptops instead of Windows 10 and will be able to run on wearable’s, TVs and even cars etc.

Important Questions & their Answers by Huawei

1. Will users continue to use Google services such as Google Play and Gmail on their mobile devices?

Ans: The products we have sold and sold at the moment will not be affected. You will be able to continue to use these services normally!

2. Will this affect the normal use of Huawei phones?

Ans: The products we have sold and sold at the moment will not be affected. You will be able to use them normally!

3. Will people be able to update their Google apps?

Ans: Yes!

4. Will users still be able to update non-Google apps?

Ans: Yes, applications not owned by Google will not be affected!

5. If people are restoring their phones to their factory settings, will their ability to use Google services in the future be affected?

Ans: No, that will not have an impact!

6. Does this mean that Huawei will accelerate the development of its own operating system?

Ans: Android is open source and Huawei has made a significant contribution to its growth and development around the world. We will continue to give priority to the development and use of the Android ecosystem.


So, Whatever happen. Don’t worry because the competition is going to be hard. And competition always brings something new, valuable and affordable. So, i think it’ll be good for users!

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