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Google Glass 2 (Smart Glasses)

Less cheaper & smart: Google has unveiled a new generation to Google Glass 2. AR glasses for smart people leading to smart world!

The product will cost $ 1,000, cheaper than the previous one, and will provide technicians with information on components in the field, simultaneous text translation and more. Unlike competitors from Microsoft and Magic Lip, Google Glass 2 does not include sophisticated sensors, but more convenient to use

Google unveiled Smart Glasses (Google Glass) Enterprise Edition 2

A new generation for its enhanced reality glasses. Unlike similar products from Microsoft and Magic Lip, the company’s design is smaller and more like ordinary glasses, with information about the lens instead of tiny screens. However, the product also has fewer capabilities and sensors than its competitors

Google said that the glasses had been renewed with improved machine vision and machine learning. Which enabled the product to analyze the environment and the image presented to the user richer. For example, it is possible to receive a layer of information about an object as soon as it is viewed. Especially, To make simultaneous translation of the text, and more. In addition, you can view operating instructions and repairs to the equipment. Which is very useful tool among technicians and different levels of space.

To match them to the professional world, the body of the glasses has been improved and strengthened, and the lenses are protected by blows and scratches. In addition, the glasses gained improvements as a more powerful processor, extra memory, a USB-C socket and a more sensitive camera.

The main advantage of Google is likely to be the price – from $ 1,000 per unit, while competitors are tripling. Vuzix and Epson also have similar glasses but these have not yet been officially launched.

Well, the race of technology is on. We are going on the track which have no ends. We have to accept technology constantly improving our life style. So, lets see when we’ll use these glasses 🙂

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