Get Adsense Approval in 24 Hours

Do you need Google Adsense approval for your website? Are you facing some issues in getting approval for Google Adsense? Don’t worry i’m going to show you the exact check list or step by step method to “Get AdSense Approval in 24 Hours“. So stay with me & Grab this experienced method to get Adsense Approval Quickly.

Adsense Approval Checklist

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To Get Adsense Approval in 24 hours or quickly, You have to check this list and make sure you are fulfilling these requirements. After that make sure your visibility in Google Search Engine, To make it happen must submit your sitemap to Google search console. Now check out list below.

  1. High Authority Domain

    Google adsense approval requirement is, You must have a High Authority Domain eg (.com, .info, .org etc). Free domains are not eligible for Google Adsense.Get Adsense Approval in 24 Hours

  2. Minimum 15 – 20 Unique Posts

    Well, Some people also get approval on 5 or less posts. But 15 – 20 Unique Posts are ideal to get approved. The blog posts should be unique (Not Copy pasted) and valuable. Each blog post must contain 300 words or more (500 – 800 Words are recommended).New Years Resolutions for the Small Business Owner

  3. Required Pages

    About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy are required pages. They must be included in your homepage. Disclaimer or Terms and Conditions pages are also good to create but they are not necessary.
    To create quick pages you may use online tools. Here is a tool recommended by me
    There are also other page generators. You can use them to quickly create such pages.

  4. No Traffic Requirement

    Actually, There is no traffic requirement to get Addsense approval. It is better to have 100 Unique Visits daily at least. But we have approved sites which even dont have a single visit.

  5. Submit your Sitemap

    Submit your sitemap.xml in Google Search Console and get indexed in Google Search Engine quickly. It will make your visibility to Google and adsense will be approved quickly.

  6. Make Sure you are not violating Google Policies

    Google Policies should not be violated, Especially Child Pornography Content, Copyrighted Content (Without adding any value), Hacking Content etc are strictly prohibited.Get Adsense Approval in 24 Hours


I have stated all the required conditions based on my experience. If you follow all these guidelines, I’m sure you will get adsense approval instantly. Still, if you facing any problems please comment here. I will reply & help you in that case.

If you want to get traffic to your site then best way is to get Organic traffic. To get Organic traffic, we have to do SEO of our content. Learn abour SEO read this post “What is SEO/ Search Engine Optimization

Hope the article helped you to get your adsense approved. Please share your words about this. Thank You 🙂 !


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          1. Bro I had 11 post with 400+ words in my site with all things already done you mentioned above. But I m not getting approval fr adsense pls help..

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