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Best Reliable Hosting at Low Price

Hi Friends, Today I’m going to show you the “Best Reliable Hosting at Low Price” and Best Hosting Provider in my opinion. Actually, I myself using this Hosting Provider, So I’m just sharing this based on my experience.

Well, choosing the best hosting is the most important for the Website Health. Reliable and Fast hosting play an important role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the site. User experience is also matters.

So, Its important to choose best reliable hosting at Low Price. Because price also matters for beginners. Its tough to find Professional hosting in low price.

But, based on my experience i highly recommend this hosting. Because I myself using this hosting from a long time. Its up time is 100% and Free 24/7 Support.

Well, this hosting provider name is NetHostKing.

NetHostKing - Best Web Hosting Provider. Unlimited SSD Disk Space. Unlimited Websites at cheap rate.

NetHostKing Best Packages/Plans

NetHostKing Packages
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You can see really cheap hosting for your website and its Professional. And the best part is it has unlimited package and also SSL free for secure website. So hurry up and buy the hosting plan which one you want.

Starter Plan

Well, this plan is best for you if you are beginner and just want to host single website. Later, you may upgrade your package when your business leveled up.

Premium Plan (Recommended by me)

This is my favorite package because this is 2x faster than previous one. The best part is you may host 3 Websites & Unlimited Sub-Domains in this hosting. It means you only need to pay for hosting once then just buy multiple domains and host them for free.

Unlimited Package

Yes, you heard it right. Its truly unlimited package Offered by NetHostKing. Its best for Developers. Because you may host as many websites / Domains as much you want. Its resources are unlimited with 4x processing speed and SSD unlimited Storage.

Get Ready To Buy with Discount

Now, what are you waiting for. I have compared all the hosting providers but in the conclusion i got this best one. I myself using this hosting. Premium Plan is best one but you may also choose Starter Plan for startup.

Click on the Link below and apply the coupon code for more than 10% discount in every package.

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Best and Reliable hosting is most important for the health of Website & SEO. So, its important for you to buy reliable hosting rather than using free or cheap hosting that’s not reliable.
Now, its up to you buy those hosting which charging too much and giving no value or this one hosting which is tested by me.

Still need my help to buy this hosting or any kind of information please comment below.


Why hosting matter in speed of website & in SEO?

Hosting is the place where your website (code) files are reside. Basically you need a place where your software files could be running 24/7/365, so that it could online all the time.
Now the hosting provider uses a Server where he puts your website files and those servers are online all the time. Servers speed matter which type of technology is he using & which network is he utilizing and with how much link speed. If the server is faster, your website will load faster & user experience will good. And google rank will be higher automatically.

Why NetHostKing is best for hosting your website?

NetHostKing is a Web Hosting Company providing Professional Hosting in cheap price. I’m recommending you this hosting because i have tried multiple other hostings but when i tried NetHostKing. It was simply best. Because same speed & experience i found at NetHostKing as other brands like Hostinger, GoDady etc. All the same services are available in cheap prices then why pay double to those so called branded hostings. Mostly they do not offer Free SSL certificate & most important PHP Configuration was not available in GoDady which was necessary to change to install a latest theme, so could not change them. A lot of other features which are available free of cost to all customers at NetHostKing.

What is bandwidth & how much it should be for a website in Hosting Package?

Bandwidth is basically the amount of data which could be downloaded or communicated from hosting provider server. If a website index page size is 2MB with all the resources then in 1GB bandwidth that page could be visited 512 times by anyone on the web.
As 1GB=1024MB and 2MB per visit consumed then 1024MB/2MB = 512 Times.
Now it depends upon your size of website and how large your audience is. By determining these things you can easily select a hosting package of your need.

What is shared hosting & Who should use it?

Shared hosting basically, when multiple websites are hosted on same server and all the resources remain shared for all the users then its called shared hosting. But every user have only access to its own website root files nothing more. Because everything is managed by secure software and Control Panels etc.
Buying your own server or pay rent for your own server is way expensive and not affordable for any beginner or simple business. So, its good approach to use shared hosting & according to my experience it could handle 100M+ daily users. For more simultaneous traffic you have to go for VPS or Cloud Servers.

If you don’t like hosting then what to do?

If you tested a hosting & Did not like the hosting service or want to change the hosting. Then don’t worry its a simple process, you can easily migrate your running website in minutes without any downtime.

Features of NetHostKing

NetHostKing provides cheap and business class hosting. It provides free Wildcard SSL certificates to secure your every website. Unlimited Websites, Domains, SSD Space, Business Emails and everything is truly unlimited available which is the best thing. Automatic WordPress, Joomla and 100+ other platforms scripts available with one touch auto-install. Load Balancers are configured to manage heavy traffic on users websites & much more.


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  1. Until today I never heard about this hosting company. They look promising..but honestly, I don’t believe in unlimited bandwidth, etc etc..

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