8 Reasons Why You Must Eat Strawberries

Here i’m going to show you 8 Reasons Why You must Eat Strawberries. Red Strawberry, fresh and juicy, comes to us during the winter season and brings with it many health benefits. Such as lowering blood pressure, maintaining heart health, supporting the weight loss process and more.

Strawberry is a tasty, healthy and juicy winter fruit, which we all love to savor in the winter months. Its red color is strong and not hard to notice when it reaches us.

In addition to these facts, strawberry has important health properties that will help you maintain good health and sound mind.

8 Reasons Why You Must Eat Strawberries

8 Reasons Why You Must Eat Strawberries

1. Fill in important Vitamins

Strawberry is full of important vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, E, and K. It contains the B vitamins and especially folic acid also called vitamin B9.

All these contribute greatly to the health of the body, heart and blood vessels.

2. Contributes to Heart Health

The vitamins and minerals found in the berries contribute to heart health by reducing high blood pressure, mainly by combining the minerals potassium and magnesium.

Strawberries also contain folic acid, also called vitamin B9. Which directly helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Rich in Antioxidants

Strawberries are rich in powerful antioxidants from the Flavonoid family, which have amazing healing properties.

These antioxidants have been found to be effective against the development of various diseases like cancer, by neutralizing free radicals.

4. Rich in Dietary Fiber

Strawberries are rich in dietary fibers that contribute to the proper functioning of the digestive system, as they also help to prevent constipation.

Dietary fiber helps lower bad cholesterol by absorbing it, and prevents sharp increases in blood sugar levels.

Dietary fiber helps weight loss by providing a feeling of fullness for a long time, due to the slow movement of the fibers in the stomach and digestive system.

5. Anti-inflammatory Properties

A study at the University of Massachusetts in the United States found that strawberries have a positive effect against inflammatory bowel disease.

One of the important elements in the strawberries is called phenol. Which is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Helps in Reducing High Blood Pressure

One strawberry contains 150 milligrams of potassium, an important mineral that has been shown in many studies to have direct blood pressure lowering capabilities.

In addition, one strawberry contains 12 milligrams of magnesium. One of which is the expansion of blood vessels that cause a direct reduction in blood pressure.

7. Rich in Essential Minerals

Strawberries are rich in important minerals and very vital to our health.

  • Calcium – is important and critical to the proper functioning of the heart, muscles and nervous system.
  • Potassium – essential for the proper functioning of the muscles of the heart, nerves and muscle cells.
  • Magnesium – is essential for proper functioning of the nervous system, immune system, muscles and bones.
  • Iron – helps to transport oxygen in the body, helps metabolism, responsible for processes of development and growth.
  • Zinc – essential for the production of proteins, essential for the immune system, healing wounds, fertility, vision and more.
  • Phosphorus – helps build the bones and teeth, responsible for the transmission of electricity between the cells and more.

8. Anti-Cancerous

Strawberries contain natural folic acid (vitamin B9) that helps protect the body against the development of various cancer diseases.

They contain ellagic acid, which can protect the body against dangerous substances that cause cancer, which reduces the risk of cancer.


Strawberry is a delicious fruit that contains many health benefits that are essential to our body, and we should not miss them.

However, it is very important to eat the strawberries. only after they have thoroughly rinsed.


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