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5 Ways to Generate Passive Income Online

In this article, I’m going to show you “5 Ways to Generate Passive Income Online”. Today everyone seems to want to start earning more and working less. But no one wants to learn which is key to success.

In reality, the term “passive income” can be deceptive. The meaning of “passive” is that from a certain point of view the business becomes profitable even when you do not stand all day at the cash register. And most of the work involves periodic changes and decision making based on analysis of the data in the reports you receive.

Bottom line, no matter what you are trying to sell. Passive income definitely requires investment and there are not a lot of shortcuts here.

Passive income – it all starts with the right mindset

In my view passive income should be treated as a way of life and not as an end.

I mean, if I am an employee and I want to generate another 20,000-30,000 PKR a month as passive income. That’s nice, but it will not really allow me to retire from work, to support myself and to live independently of work.

I look at passive income in the full sense of the word: to get to a situation where I have rental properties (we will soon understand exactly what an asset is) that gives me a weekly, monthly, quarterly or whatever amount of money that allows me to live with dignity and even respect.

What is a yielding property?

It can be several things:

  • Real estate property such as an apartment or office that yields monthly rental – whether it is in Pakistan or abroad
  • A website that puts in money every month “Web Entity” which is not a site such as a mailing list, Facebook page, etc.
  • The capital market – not exactly an asset in definition. But it is possible to receive a fixed monthly amount out of investments in the capital market.
  • And more

In this article I will focus on passive income through the Internet only.

To summarize this part –

Passive income = income that comes on a regular basis from one or more sources and requires minimum maintenance or one-time investment.

I will add that even if you have a nice income that is not 100% passive but only “70-80% passive (that is, it requires some time / resources). You are on the right path. This means that it is possible to transfer the remaining 20% ??or 30% to outsourcing, thus making the income passive by 100% (if we so wish).

You are following guide “5 Ways to Generate Passive Income Online”.

Passive Income Online – Where Do You Begin?

In order to reach a situation of passive income from the internet, it is necessary to prepare an appropriate infrastructure that can take several months. Even if they are spread over a year or even longer.

Therefore, not enough to know the principles, but also have to apply them. The time to invest depends on how much knowledge and experience you have, but also on the nature of the activity.

Of course you can always buy an existing infrastructure. But do not expect to buy a business that will benefit from the first day at a cheap price. Especially if you have no previous experience managing such assets.

Once we understand what passive income is, we’ll go over the main models that exist today:

5 Ways to Generate Passive Income Online

5 Ways to Generate Passive Income Online

1). Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method in which you market someone else’s products or services (the “seller”). And receive a commission each time a potential customer interacts with the seller through your link.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you do not do the hard work of selling logistically. The downside is that you get only a portion of the profits. This is not always a small part, and there are very rewarding affiliate programs. Mainly in digital products (courses, tools, software, etc.) because the cost of production is one-time and there are no shipping costs, logistics, etc.

If you do not have a website, you probably will need to use other platforms like forums, Facebook, free blogs, simple Wix or WordPress sites and so on. It is not always easy to bring traffic to these places unless you have a strong social profile with a large number of followers.

Creating organic or sponsored channels that will bring traffic requires knowledge of SEO or sponsored promotion (assuming there is a big enough gap between the price you pay and the average commission you get).

Affiliate Marketing This is one of the strongest and popular channels from which you can make a living online.

Like the real world, many active affiliate marketers do this as a half-hobby. This puts them in between a few hundred and several thousand more dollars every month. A smaller number are full-time affiliates and make a good living from it. Only a small number of people in Pakistan and around the world are super affiliates who make millions of them.

2). Create a Digital Product

If you have knowledge in a particular field, especially in the digital field (Eg. marketing, writing or logo design). You can turn it into a digital book and sell it on your site (preferably not relying on a Facebook page that can suddenly disappear). Chances are you’ll have to offer it at an attractive price of less than the average bookstore tutorial. But once it’s ready, its distribution cost is zero.

You can also increase sales by creating your own affiliate network with sponsored links on affiliate sites that will receive a few bucks from each sale.

Alternatively, a free digital book can be teasing to a several-hour workshop that you transfer. It’s not just passive income, but if you had to recruit participants in other ways. It might cost you quite a bit.

A digital product does not have to be a book of course.

Some Examples of Digital Products:

  • Online course – In Pakistan it is still a virgin field and a kind of blue ocean. In the coming years I expect flooding of dozens and hundreds of courses in various areas and more and more platforms that are familiar with such courses alongside independent sites.
  • Subscribed / closed communities site – a format that is much more common abroad, especially in the United States.
  • If you have a lot of knowledge and authority in a particular field. You can make a lot of money online. The idea is to offer premium content to a relevant and focused audience on any subject. Where you can provide so much value that it forces people to pay for it a few or even thousands of rupees a month. Generally, sites that work in this model also offer valuable content for free. And also recruit customers to the closed area of ??the site, which is paid.
  • Service / Paid Tools – There are lots of examples like this, certainly and certainly in the field of SEO . Creating tools / software that many people would be willing to pay. To make a living from it is not very simple, but certainly possible and very profitable.
  • Images / Videos – assumes that most of you are familiar with image repositories for purchasing images for legal use. Have you ever thought who took all those photos and / or videos? Mostly, these are people like me and you. They do not even have to be professional photographers to make a living from it.
  • Of course there are many more examples of digital products – E-Book, fonts, audio files, graphics and more.
  • Buy & Sell Services – Buy Services (Logo Design, Article Writing, Blog Managing, Web Development etc) from freelancers at low cost and sell them at high cost. You just have to communicate as a middle man and take your profit.

3). Sale of Advertising Space

Selling advertising space is suitable for sites that already have a lot of traffic from different keywords, so information sites and news sites are excellent for this purpose.

Unlike programs like Adsense , where you are very dependent on the niche of the site and the type of ads that Google chooses for you, in the ad space and banners model, you have a much better control over the revenue channels. If your site receives quality traffic, your bargaining power will increase accordingly.

Selling Advertising Space can be Done in Several Ways:

  • A high number of site views are required each month to qualify for the program.
  • Work with an affiliate program
  • Direct stakeholders – it can be site promoters or site owners who want to buy advertising space / links to their site.

4). “Fast” E-commerce (Dropshiping)

In the past , Internet commerce was not considered a passive income because even if the products were sold online, the entire logistics process was still complex and required working with suppliers and shipping companies.

Today, however, there is a new model where large sites such as Amazon and others are responsible for the entire logistics issue and you are responsible only for the actual purchase and sale of the products.

There are also companies that offer Dropshipping independently, so you can run the model even on your own site, sales on ebay and so on.

This is not a method that suits everyone and certainly has risks: Although it makes it very easy on the logistical side, it requires close monitoring of suppliers and choosing a variety of products that are relatively easy to replenish their inventory, but there will still be enough profits.

5). Rent Sites

This is another model of passive income.

In fact it divides into 2 Methods:
  • Establishing a website and renting it to a third party
  • Hiring a ready site that puts in money and improving it

i). Setting up a Website and Renting

There are quite a few areas in which the competition is not very high and in a relatively short time, promote a site that leads to leads on a regular basis. These leads can be worth money – from hundreds to thousands or even tens of thousands of Rupees a month – depending on the size and strength of the site.

I’m also a web developer, can create for you any type of website.

ii). Hiring a site ready and improving it

Here we are talking about buying a profitable website (or not), at the price X agreed upon by the parties, when the buying side has to “make good of it” and make the site more profitable and much more similar to the real estate world, Rapid improvement and quick sale of the site to another party, or alternatively, its long-term maintenance and increased revenues

You are following guide “5 Ways to Generate Passive Income Online”.


Passive income from the internet has long been a distant dream.

It’s true that there are quite a few frauds who make this field a bad name, but for over a decade people have been making money from the internet, and some of them are much more respectable than they would have done in the real world.

Even if you have no intention of leaving your regular job or study, but you want to make a few thousand every month or more – you can do it. All you need to do is enter the appropriate Field and start running.
Good luck!


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