10 Ways To Increase Your Subscribers On YouTube

In this article, I’m going to show you “10 Ways To Increase Your Subscribers On YouTube”. YouTube is a great platform for creating a following and make money by creating videos.

Anyone who makes videos and uploads them to YouTube wants to eventually increase their video views, and one of the best ways to do this is by accumulating as many followers as possible. Once a user becomes a follower of a particular channel, YouTube gives him a preference for searches and videos displayed on the homepage.

In general, the best way to accumulate subscribers is to invest as much as possible in each video and upload videos that will become viral, but there are also many other means by which to increase the number of subscribers.

You are following guide “10 Ways To Increase Your Subscribers On YouTube“. Please do share your ideas about this article in the comment box below.

10 Ways To Increase Your Subscribers On YouTube

10 Ways To Increase Your Subscribers On YouTube

1). Attract Users from the Video itself

One of the more popular methods of increasing the number of subscribers is that you provide a few seconds to open and invite users to subscribe to your channel and receive all the latest videos.

It’s also important to ask to click on the bell sign because this will cause the user to be notified of each new video in the browser or smartphone (YouTube is installed by default on almost all Android devices).

A similar option is to use end screens from which you can link to your channel, assuming that the users took the trouble to watch the whole video until its end.

Another nice trick is to embed a registration button in one corner of the video. Even if it is not really a clickable button, the user’s head has already created the appropriate association.

2). Quality Over Quantity?

Very large channels with hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers who participate in the YouTube Partner Program can afford to produce new videos almost every day, but on the average channel, one video a week is enough. Therefore, and further to the previous section, you can decide on a regular day in which the video is uploaded in order to create an expectation for those who subscribe to the channel and wait for the weekly video.

But if you can not produce videos at this frequency, it’s best to stick to the principle of Quality over Quantity. If your videos are comprehensive enough and really answer anything the user is looking for. Then their bounce rate will be lower and users will want to subscribe to your channel even if you do not promise them a new video every week.

3). Stay in touch with Posts, Stories and Responses

Following the previous section, you do not have to upload new videos to keep up with the users, and recently added to YouTube the possibility of creating posts and stories, which could be perfect for teasing your next video.

Above all, do not neglect the responses to your videos. Find and respond to the truly meaningful responses (questions, suggestions, and insights). This is how you will build a long-term relationship and let users understand that you are conducting a bilateral dialogue with them.

4). Collaborate with Other Creators

Collaborating with other creators is a great way to attract more subscribers. Anyone can link to another video on YouTube or another channel using a card.

For each video you can add up to five cards that will appear when the user clicks on the i sign. In the past, it was possible to add annotations that were actually more prominent and appeared as an overlay at a certain moment, but YouTube blocked this option in early 2019, claiming that they were not suitable for mobile.

5). Use External Links

Each YouTube channel has its own ID address that can even be changed to a custom string. From here it is very easy to connect from any other source on the net: your home site, an e-mail signature, a profile page on social networks , a Facebook group with a close connection to your video theme, etc.

One of the better places that everyone does not know or think about is the LinkedIn social network , where it’s relatively easy to create connections that will match videos on YouTube (including linking) and there is even a possibility of sponsored promotion.

You are following guide “10 Ways To Increase Your Subscribers On YouTube“. Please do share your ideas about this article in the comment box below.

6). Invest in the Home Page and use the Segmentation of the Page

When you determine how your channel’s homepage will look, you can tell the difference between a user who watches the channel for the first time and a user who has already subscribed to it. You should take advantage of this opportunity to upload an opening video inviting the user to register and explain a little about the channel. You can even create a dedicated playlist with a selection of videos from the channel.

Just as you want the page on your site to be attractive and inviting, you also want your users to understand where they came from, especially if your channel is not very specific and you can not understand exactly what it is about just watching the video One or two.

7). Bring more Users to your Search with Meta Tags and Keywords.

YouTube works a little bit like Google in terms of meta tags of the video, including title and description, but here you have one more card in the sleeve: You can add a list of relevant keywords to each video (a link to explain how keyword research is done ).

It’s a good idea to select popular keywords based on videos similar to yours and combine more general and specific phrases. There is a dedicated Keyword Tool for YouTube. Just search for YouTube Keywords on Google and you will find dozens of such tools.

If you do a preliminary research and pre-select a list of keywords, you can relate to them in the video itself and make them more attractive.

8). Create Long Playlists and Extend the Viewing Time of Each Video

Many times you come to a new channel, see a successful video and feel the taste of more.

It is easy to satisfy the appetite of users by creating video playlists. Classic playlists are arranged by subject, so each video is independent, but playlists with videos that are connected to each other like guides in some parts sometimes have even a better attraction effect.

In addition, the first ten seconds of each video are the critical seconds. So it’s important to skip directly to the important content. There are a lot of channels with opening, but if it’s just a few letters floating and not something a little more special, it is better to give it up.

9). Translation of Existing Videos

The dominant language on YouTube is probably English (or maybe Chinese?), But the ability to transcribe any video into other languages ??can increase the number of subscribers significantly. In fact, once you translate the name of the video, YouTube’s search engine treats it the same way it would refer to a video in the local language.

10). Focus on Videos that have Already Proven Themselves

Not everyone knows that among the other data on your channel, you can actually see the sources from which the various subscribers came from! There’s no need to explain why this is a great tool that can help you focus on the most powerful videos and take advantage of the 20/20 rule (20% of the time to get 80% of the desired result).

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    Increasing your subscriber count is more likely if you use the different platforms of promotion. For example, promotion on social media platforms is the perfect way to increase viewers and subscribers. Join different groups and communities to promote your content. You can also use paid ads.

    Running a giveaway contest, embed videos on Q&A sites, Use of eye-catching thumbnails, reaching out to different bloggers, and asking them to include your content in their relevant posts are some other strategies that you can use to increase subscribers.

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